Apr 12, 2012

Mice for charity

Maybe you know the feeling...
of wanting to do something for someone or for animals in need or whatever, just wanna let your heart speak.

So I was thinking abou this cat boat that we have over here in Belgium.
Their web site can be found here,  it's all in Dutch but maybe you can understand it a little bit.
Those people care for animals!

Here's a picture of the boat

I was thinking of making some kind of toys for the cats...
and maybe later on something for the dogs (they help dogs too).

... so I made a 'prototype' of a mice...

They are big, have loooooooooog legs, flappy ears and a cute tail.
Lots of playing possibilities for those cats I think!

Do you think they need eyes?
Does a cat care about eyes?

Here's another one that I made


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